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Get Involved

​​​​​​​One of the most ​important services you can provide to your residents is being involved in legislative advocacy because decisions made at the state 和 federal level, trickle down to your residents 和 how your municipality operates. There are many opportunities to engage in the League’s advocacy efforts, 和 your efforts can be impactful without taking up a lot of your time.

​Stay Informed​

Underst和ing 和 keeping up with issues important to local government is another way to be involved in advocacy. 使用我们的 Bill TrackerLeague Bulletin to stay informed.

Apply to serve on the League’s 立法 Policy Committee


多年来, the League has followed an inclusive, member-driven process to form policy positions on key issues for N.C. 城市. This process is designed to take input from municipal officials in every corner of the state, 和 it reflects the diversity of opinion existing across North Carolina. The NCLM Board of Directors revised this process in 2020 to gain even broader participation by municipal officials.

The timing of the policy development process coincides with the start of each new legislative biennium. During even-numbered years, all League members are invited to submit their ideas through focus group discussions 和 in writing. Ideas should fit into the League’s overarching policy focus areas, which are determined by the NCLM Board of Directors.

The League’s 立法 Policy Committee will then consider these ideas 和 recommend the top consensus positions to the Board of Directors. The Board refines the positions further before sending them to the full League membership for a final vote; moving forward, the vote is not required to be cast in person as in years past. At that point, the League membership will have a focused advocacy agenda to pursue at the state 和 federal levels.

As part of the revised policy-setting process, the Board consolidated four previously existing policy committees into one 65-person 立法 Policy Committee. The League President makes all appointments to the 立法 Policy Committee, including selection of committee chairs from the NCLM Board of Directors.

The deadline to submit an application for the 立法 Policy Committee has now closed.